Born and raised in Brazil, in São Borja, Rio Grande do Sul, my childhood was a unique fusion of two distinct cultures right in my own home. Growing up in Brazil, I was surrounded by the vibrant and diverse culture of my homeland, while at the same time, I was deeply influenced by my Palestinian heritage.

This merging of cultures at home created a rich tapestry of experiences and flavors. I was fortunate to savor the traditional Brazilian dishes that filled our table, alongside the aromatic and flavorful Palestinian cuisine that my family cherished. It was in this cultural blend that I found inspiration for my culinary journey, as I sought to introduce my children to the authentic tastes of my Palestinian roots while celebrating the vibrant Brazilian culture I was raised in. My extraordinary journey commenced with the vision of an empowering single mom, determined to ensure my twins could relish the authentic flavors of my Palestinian heritage. What initially sprouted as a heartfelt desire to introduce my children to the rich, timeless taste of za'atar soon flourished into a thriving endeavor. The za'atar crackers I meticulously crafted became an immediate sensation, capturing the hearts not only of my twins but also their playmates and fellow moms at the park.

Inspired by my Palestinian roots and a deep appreciation for Mediterranean cuisine, I expanded the repertoire to create an array of crackers that mirrored traditional authentic Palestinian dishes like Msakhan. These crackers embraced the savory blend of sumac, caramelized onions, evoking the essence of Palestinian culinary traditions.

Through my dedication to sourcing wholesome ingredients and exploring different Mediterranean and Palestinian flavors, I didn't stop there. I crafted crackers inspired by fragrant flavors like olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and recently nabulsi cheese, offering a delightful journey through the tastes of the Mediterranean.

My narrative is a resounding testament to the strength and resilience of single moms, their unyielding passion, and their unwavering commitment to preserving culture and well-being. Today, my creations have evolved into a cherished staple, symbolizing empowerment, unity, and a flavorful tribute to the rich culinary heritage of the Mediterranean and Palestine.